Flower Carpet 2018

Vue aérienne Carpet Flower 2018

“Guanajuato, cultural pride of Mexico”

That was the theme of the 21st edition of the Flower Carpet. Just like Brussels, this colourful state in Central Mexico has a rich tradition in tapestry. The annual highlight is “La Octava Noche” in the southern city of Uriangato, where the locals decorate kilometres of streets with carpets of coloured sawdust. It is the most important event for ephemeral art in the centre of Mexico.

Moreover, Guanajuato is also a region of untold cultural treasures and the home of many indigenous civilizations renowned for their precious craftwork and rich culture. In short, providing an abundant source of inspiration for the first Latin American carpet on Belgian soil.

flower carpet 2018

And there was another reason to celebrate …  

In 2018, it was twenty years exactly since the Grand Place in Brussels was recognised as a Unesco World Heritage site. What better way to celebrate this than ... yes, with flowers! During the Flower Carpet, dozens of carpet artists from all over the world gathered in the Belgian capital for a floral Unesco exhibition at Brussels’ Bourse square. A tour along eight flower carpets took visitors by some of the world’s top tourist attractions.