Flower carpet 2006

flower carpet 2006

Ephemeral beauty… Begonias going giddy!

Symmetry and balance? Indeed. But only to all appearances. Because the 9 rosettes that compose this marvellous plant tapestry are mounted on vast, rotating platforms, thereby adding a fine touch of mystery to its admiration.

The movement is deliberately slow and majestic: less than one turn per minute. The sizeable diameter of the supports makes this rotation subtly, if immediately perceptibly. The different orientations of this multiple and original wind rose invite meditation.

In 2006, the designers of this exceptional production, which can be admired only every other year, sought inspiration in the alchemy of the Middle Ages. A very judicious choice, as the buildings on the Market Square have their roots in the Royal Art. And wouldn’t this new concept of elegant rotation be a nice homage to Galileo who insisted: “Eppur, si muove” [And yet, it does move]?…